Welcome to The DIY Mommy Academy! Here you'll find digital downloads, e-books and courses to help you learn even more about DIY & home decor.

Hi, I’m Christina!

I'm a passionate DIY & home decor expert who's been renovating homes, styling rooms and creating budget-friendly craft ideas since 2009. I have a community of over 1.7 million DIY enthusiasts on my blog, YouTube channel and social channels. I can't wait to dive deeper into DIY & home decor with you through my new academy!

Virtual Consultations

Whether you need advice with your next room makeover, or your a content creator ready to take the leap to a full time job... I'd love to meet virtually with you and help you get started!

Digital Downloads

If you're looking for quick cheat sheets for your DIY or home decor projects, I have lots of budget-friendly digital PDF file downloads for you here! I also have e-books coming soon!


For a deep-dive into home design, you'll love my courses that include tons of video content, workbooks, assignments, and a community ready to help you.